Salary: $20,000 - $30,000 a month

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1.Responsible for handling the onboarding and offboarding, salary, insurance, attendance and leave management of Hong Kong;
2.Responsible for staff recruitment in Hong Kong, Singapore and other regions/countries, including recruitment advertising, interview arrangement, employment contract management, etc.;
3.Responsible for funding program application and follow-up;
4.Responsible for admin affairs (with a part-time admin staff), such as daily office supplies procurement, distribution, registration management, office equipment management, organizing regular and irregular collective activities within the company, etc.;
5.Responsible for other affairs arranged by Supervisor.

1.Bachelor degree or above, major in Human Resource management is preferred, English can be used as working language;
2.At least 2 years hr working experience in Hong Kong, familiar with Hong Kong Employment and Labor Regulations and other HR management regulations, familiar with overseas HR laws (such as Singapore, Brazil, the United States, Japan, etc.) is preferred; 3.Strong self-drive, sense of responsibility and ability to work under pressure, proactive in work, good interpersonal skills and communication skills.

工作類型: 全職

薪酬: $20,000.00至$30,000.00(每月)


  • 彈性時間
  • 日班
  • 星期一至星期五


  • 在職專業培訓
  • 彈性上班時間
  • 有薪年假
  • 有薪病假
  • 產假
  • 育嬰假
  • 醫療保險


  • 副學士 / 高級文憑 (優先考慮)

預期開始日期: 20221230

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Deadline: 20-12-2023

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