Salary: $11,000 - $13,000 a month

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工作職責 Responsibilities

  • 協助髮型師處理顧客需要 Assisting hairstylists for customer needs
  • 負責店內整潔及雜項 Salon cleaning and ad hoc tasks
  • 接受公司專業培訓為髮型師 Receive professional training to be hair stylist

入職要求 Requirements

  • 無需相關工作經驗 No previous experiences is needed
  • 良好粵語 及/或 一般英語會話 Fluent in Cantonese and/or Good in English
  • 有責任感,有禮、良好的溝通技巧 Responsible, polite and good communication skills
  • 對髮型行業充滿熱誠 Passionate in hairstyle industry

工作地點 Location

  • 九龍塘 Kowloon Tong / 中環 Central / 銅鑼灣 Causeway Bay

工作時間 Working Hours

  • 每週工作6天﹝輪休﹞ 6 days per week (on shift)
  • 每天工作9小時﹝輪更﹞ 9 working hours per day (on shift)

工作類型: 全職, 長期

薪酬: $11,000.00至$13,000.00(每月)

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