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Job responsibilities and tasks
1. Planning a plan
Organize and formulate annual work plans according to the company’s business objectives
Participate in formulating the annual operating indicators of the retail department;
Decompose the retail department’s annual operating indicators to the directly-operated terminals, and formulate the retail department’s annual work plan accordingly
Assist each directly-operated terminal to formulate its specific sales plan;
Assist direct-sale terminals to formulate annual/quarterly futures procurement plans, and provide professional opinions and suggestions for their orders.
2. Business work
Responsible for the achievement of sales tasks in the retail department
Organize the implementation of the annual work plan of the retail department to ensure that the sales tasks of the retail department are achieved;
Decompose the sales tasks of the retail department to all directly-operated terminals and urge them to complete;
Reduce the company’s operating risks.
Responsible for directly operating terminals to improve terminal management and improve operating efficiency
Responsible for the achievement of various business indicators such as retail sales, profit margins, and market share of direct-sale terminals;
Supervise whether the directly-operated terminals have completed various market tasks in accordance with the company’s policy requirements;
Participate in the formulation of sales promotion plans and brand promotion plans for directly-operated terminals, and provide suggestions on ways and means to join terminal sales promotion activities;
Coordinate the working relationship between directly-operated terminals and other departments of the company, and do a good job of directly-operated terminal services.
3. Daily work
Responsible for the daily management of the retail department
Convene internal meetings of the department, communicate and execute superior instructions, deploy and decompose work tasks, and carry out follow-up implementation and feedback;
Strictly implement the department’s annual budget according to the retail department’s annual budget plan;
Responsible for organizing the performance appraisal of employees in the department;
Supervise and guide the daily work of subordinates;
Deal with market emergencies and report them in time.
Team and corporate culture building
Complete other tasks assigned by superiors
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