Position: Mid-Senior level

Job type: Full-time

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At Monki we’re all about teamwork! Friendly, Fun, Empowering and Brave are part of our core values and we exist to inspire our fellow Monki community around the world to be just that.

Being welcoming in our approach to retail, our relationship to our customers and the Monki brand is what makes us great – so we’re definitely all about that “you CAN sit with us” vibe.

And lastly but most importantly, both inclusion and diversity are two things that are super important to us, ­so ofc EVERYBODY is welcome to join Team Monki!

Job Description


As a Sales Advisor you’ll be an ambassador for our company and our values.

You will have the task of keeping up the standards we have for our stores ­– so making sure we organize and display our fun & trendy collections in the best way possible is key.

You also love delivering an AH-MAZE-ING customer experience as you’ll be the one representing Monki at all times and meeting our lovely customers everyday!



Fashion is the name of your game.

You love helping people find the styles they love. You’re that kinda person that combines a friendly and sociable customer stance with a professional attitude. And you’re either a great salesperson already or have the goal to develop sale skills in order to give great customer service. You’re a Team Monki kinda person, so working together with your fellow colleagues to ensure quality work is essential. You’re a quick thinker so working in a fast-paced environment suits you.

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Apply with your CV and a cover letter. We look forward to hearing from you!

Love, Monki
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