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  • 負責處理銷售訂單並通過ERP生成銷售發票
  • 通過ERP上管理銷售訂單和庫存量
  • 與採購部門就庫存補貨量進行聯絡
  • 核對倉庫和ERP庫存記錄
  • 更新和維護有關ERP的客戶信息
  • 設定並遵守標準操作流程
  • 將銷售訂單分配給物流計劃


  • Responsible for processing Sales Order and generating Sales Invoices through ERP
  • Monitor and supervising Sales Orders and Inventory Volume on the ERP system
  • Liaise with purchasing department on inventory restock volumes
  • Reconcile Warehouse and ERP Inventory Records
  • Update and maintain customer Information on ERP
  • Set and follow standard operation processes
  • Assign Sales order to logistic schedules


  • 文憑或以上
  • 至少5-8年的銷售協調經驗或類似職位,有很強的協調經驗
  • 最好具有製造/貿易行業背景
  • 良好的中英文溝通能力
  • 必須具備ERP經驗
  • 可即時上班者優先


  • Diploma or Above
  • At least 5-8 years of experience in Sales Coordination or similar role, Strong coordination experience
  • Preferably from a Manufacturing/Trading industry background
  • Good Command of both English and Chinese
  • ERP experience is a must
  • Immediate availability is highly preferred

我們的客戶在海鮮製造和貿易行業擁有30多年的往績,在香港的業務正在迅速發展。 該公司特別專注於海鮮的製造,供應和貿易服務。 該職位側重於協助公司的行政職能的各個方面。 如果您正在尋找一份工作來發展您在海鮮製造和/或貿易行業中的職業道路,這可能是帶領您的公司。

Our client who has over 30 years of track record in the Seafood Manufacturing and Trading industry is quickly growing their business in HK. The company is particularly focusing on seafood manufacturing, supplying and trading services. If you are looking for a job to develop your career path in the Seafood Manufacturing and/or Trading industry then this could be the company to lead you.

請提供您目前和期望的薪金和到任日期,建議所有申請人通過我們網站上的快速鏈接進行申請 。 有關更多詳細信息,請致電+852 2507 9362與Amy聯繫。

Please include your current and expected salary and available date, all applicants are advised to apply through the following quick link at our Website. For more details, please contact Amyat +852 2507 9362.

收集的資料僅用於招聘目的。 應聘者提供的個人數據將嚴格按照《個人數據(隱私)條例》使用。我們 很遺憾只有入圍的候選人會被通知。

Data collected will be used for recruitment purposes only. Personal data provided by job applicants will be used strictly in accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. We regret that only the shortlisted candidates will be notified.
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