Salary: $35,000 - $60,000 a month

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The company is currently recruiting key members for a new team in developing the next generation PropTech & IoT SaaS platform. The key members will be working with the core team who possesses experiences of Silicon Valley CTO, Startup COO & CEO, a global consulting firm and Google consultants. Advisors include board members of leading IoT and industry organizations in Hong Kong and investors & mentors from both Silicon Valley and Asia.

Software Architect/ Senior Software Engineer - NextGeneration PropTech SaaS Platform

- Software Architect, Senior Software Engineer
- PropTech SaaS, Smart Living, Smart Health, IoT
- Team leading, hacking, agile,

Technical architecture design, system design, and development of the Smart Living SaaS platform.

- Minimum 3-5 experience in software development, be a fastl earner with a hacker attitude.
- Experienced in delivering projects with Agile development methodologies.
- Strong coding skills in at least one language and also having working knowledge with at least two languages: C++, Java, Python, Javascript, Ruby, Kotlin, Objective-C, etc.
- Familiar with system design tools, e.g. UML, ER Diagram,Sequencing Diagram, etc.
- Familiar with at least one cloud’s PaaS offerings or equivalent open source solutions to cover key components like loadbalancing, messaging queue, columnar/ time-series database,blob storage, logging/ monitoring, etc.
- Understand common web stack like MEAN, LAMP, and have experience working with frontend engineers to deliver a client facing product.
- Proven experience in turning business requirements into sound system design.
- Experience in leading and coaching an engineering team to implement the design with high quality delivery.
- Efficient communication and team collaboration.
- Passionate in the advancement of smart living initiatives as well as their applications in A.I.
- Passionate in perfecting the solution with the right technology and development approach.
- Familiar with different integration patterns such as messaging and RESTFUL API integrations.

Preferred skills:
- Familiar with security architecture, design patterns and adoption use cases.
- Experienced in designing software solutions with micro-service architecture.
- Familiar with 1 or more IoT standard, e.g. Matter.
- Experience with 1 or more communication protocols like BLE,Zigbee, zWave, etc.
- Experience in integrating with 1 or more smart speakers e.g.Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri or Google’s Assistant.
- Experience with data warehousing, business intelligence, and data visualization

HKD 35,000.00 - 60,000.00 Per Month

工作類型: 全職

薪酬: $35,000.00至$60,000.00(每月)


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求職申請截止日期: 20220419

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Deadline: 15-12-2023

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